Home Staging Tips to get Your Home Market Ready

Home Staging Tips to get Your Home Market Ready

published on September 19, 2019 by Sherri Loomer

Not everyone has the artistic ability to look at a blank canvas and see the masterpiece there. That’s where staging your home makes a huge difference, helping potential buyers envision the exciting possibilities the space has to offer them. With the help of these five tips, it’s a bona fide way to sell a house quickly at a potentially higher price.


Tell a Story with your Space

Think about the memories you’ve made in your home and how you’ve used those Share these moments with potential buyers by staging the rooms to help them imagine the warm, happy life waiting for them there.

  • Step 1: show the purpose of each room. Buyers should be able to tell exactly what features a room has to offer. Set up your guest room as if company is on the way. Clear the desk in the office so that they can envision using it, and always remember to assign a specific purpose to flex spaces.

  • Step 2: make the spaces memorable. Set the scene and tell a story. Put out a book and a blanket to show a cozy afternoon spent reading. Festively set the dining room table for a potential evening spent entertaining. We tell stories because people have the easiest time remembering them. After a whole day of looking at houses, a good visual story will make people think back to yours.


Strike a Balance Between Neutral and Interesting

Your staged house should be neutral enough that buyers can imagine themselves in it, but not so boring that afterward they can’t remember anything about it. It’s important to find that sweet spot of a universal design that’s comfortable and compelling.

For the most part, your house decor should lean toward a neutral color pallet. Slipcovers are recommended for highly patterned couches and it’s probably worth the money to repaint that lime green bathroom. That being said, a pop of color goes a long way, brightening up the room and making a lasting impression on buyers. With an accent wall or a sage green dresser, you can give buyers a feel for all of the creative possibilities.


By targeting the spaces that matter most to buyers and emphasizing the house’s best features, you can show off what your home has to offer, while saving time and money. The living room, dining room, and the kitchen are where people congregate and connect. The master bedroom is where buyers will curate their own personal haven. Nail these spaces, and you’re set.

Next, illuminate your house's best features. A bay window with a view? Paint that wall a calming blue to draw the eye. Focus your funds on sprucing up assets you don’t want buyers missing out on. These natural attractions are the focal points of your story.


Focus on Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing people see when pulling up to take a tour, so it’s worth the time to stage, whether it means painting the front door a bright, friendly color or hanging some potted plants. You can even update your house number to the current style.

Bring that curb appeal to all of your exterior spaces by cleaning up any additional clutter outside and adding some cute patio furniture to the back. The space outside your home should feel like an extension of the look you’ve cultivated indoors.


Don’t Skimp on the Finishing Touches

While a pile of disheveled magazines may seem like nothing to you, it could be the missing detail that distracts buyers from your carefully curated spaces. Final steps like taking out the trash are easy but important ways to put finishing touches on the picture you’ve painted for potential buyers. Before letting anyone inside, make sure to do one more run-through, and have baskets on hand for stashing away any last-minute messes.

Take the extra time to emphasize the good, too. Highlight natural light by pulling back curtains. Open the door to show off the master bedroom’s walk-in closet. It’s up to you to make sure they don’t miss out on any amazing hidden features.


Use these tips to go that extra mile in selling your home. While staging may mean a little more effort, the results show that it’s well worth it. To lighten the load, consult a dedicated, experienced realtor who can make your Realty dreams a Reality. For help from someone who knows the market, the trends, and how to best show off your home, contact me today.

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