5 Things to do Before You List Your Home For Sale

5 Things to do Before You List Your Home For Sale

published on June 20, 2019 by Sherri Loomer


For many potential homeowners, the thought of preparing to put your home on the market can be overwhelming. From the list of incomplete home projects to deep cleaning, decluttering, and staging, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are my tips for the top 5 things to get done BEFORE you and your agent put your home on the market.



Being an educated and savvy seller is key. It’s important to “know your numbers” as you prepare to list so that you and your agent can have an accurate conversation about pricing, your timelines, and your budget. You will want to know things like

  • The balance due on your mortgage
  • Your “bottom dollar” when it comes to selling your home
  • The additional expenses associated with selling or preparing to sell (consider things like updates and repairs, closing costs, etc)
  • Any fees and service costs associated with selling
  • Your timeline for selling and/or finding a new home (For example, do you have to start a new job, are you trying to move by the new school year or before the holidays?)



If you are considering selling, it’s important to ensure that your home is in the best condition to help drive top-dollar for your listing. If you have a few outstanding items on your home projects list, talk them over with your Realtor and figure out which ones will add value to your home, based on the condition other available homes in your area. 


You’ll also want to consider making any repairs that might signal a “red-flag” for potential buyers. If you have dripping faucets or any noticeable cracks in walls or the foundation, make sure to have those checked out and addressed before you go to market.



Take time to declutter the spaces in your home. This means clearing off surfaces, removing piles, putting away papers, and ensuring everything has a space. Now is the perfect time to consider which items you really need to keep and which ones you can donate or get rid of, prior to moving into your new home. Clutter makes spaces feel small and cramped and can give the illusion that your home is lacking storage space, so make sure to spend time tidying up!



Buyers want to envision themselves in your spaces, so help them out! Staging allows you to showcase the best features of a room and to give the space a defined purpose that they can envision using. If you have a flex space, give it a purpose and stage it as a playroom, home office, or extra bedroom, as opposed to a “catch-all space.”



Once you have done all the prep work for listing your home, we will talk about listing price. It’s important to be realistic about market conditions in your area and the various factors that can affect your ability to sell your home at listing price. If you followed tip one and you “know your numbers” this conversation should be smooth sailing. As your agent, it’s my goal to present you with the most accurate information on our local market, so that you can make the most educated decision as we prepare to go to market.



If you are considering selling your home in the Augusta, GA area this year, these tips will help you face the challenge head on! One of the best things you can do to prepare to go to market is to find an agent who is dedicated to working with you throughout the process to make your Realty dreams a Reality! Contact me today to learn more about my experience and my dedication to helping you navigate your next real estate transaction.

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